Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Roadmap to Financial Inclusion

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
 The state of financial inclusion in India, measured by any standard, leaves much to be desired. As in 2012, only 35 per cent of Indians older than 15 years had a bank account in a formal financial institution; in developing countries worldwide, the average is 41 per cent (World Bank 2012). Because of the Reserve Bank of India’s drive for financial inclusion, the number of bank accounts increased by about 100 million during 2011–13. today, there are 229 million basic bank accounts. Access to formal financial institutions has improved gradually, but thousands of villages still lack a bank branch; less than 10 per cent of all commercial bank credit goes to rural areas, where around 70 per cent of the total population lives. Thus, the need for financial inclusion programmes is beyond question. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) was launched on 28th August, 2014. Initially, the PMJDY targets the opening of bank accounts for 7.5 crore families in a year, by August 15th, 2015. Around 2 crore bank accounts were opened on the first day of the scheme’s launch. Eventually, the target is to include every eligible Indian in the banking system. In Phase 1, all households will be provided a basic account, financial literacy will be taken to the micro level and the modus operandi for direct cash benefits will be put in place. Phase 2 intends to extend financial services to these basic account holders and provide them micro-insurance and pension. As it is difficult to spread bank branches across all unbanked areas, Bank Correspondents (BCs) will be deployed on a large scale to help execute the plan.

By   Pravakar Sahoo

The Role of Indias Informal Economy

India is probably unique in the world in the size and significance of her informal economy. While the concept has been much criticised by academics1,‘informality’ refers to the vital reality of unregistered activity that is not regulated either by the state or necessarily according to its law. It is well understood by the public and thus has sufficient conceptual traction to have needed the attention of planners. In this paper, using the insights of recent research2, I will cover its roles and their implications for policy and planning. Structure and relations First, the informal economy (IE) is not transitory. The concept was developed (for conditions in West and East Africa) in the 1970s when it was expected that unregistered activity would be rapidly subsumed under the formal, nation-building processes of industrialization (including that of agriculture), urbanization and banking. With the passage of the ‘development decades’, it became clear that the IE was hard-wired into the structure of many economies in which formal registered activity not only directly exploited the IE through subcontracting but also gained from the cheap products and services it generated. Latterly, the ubiquity of informal (unregistered) wage labour3 has expanded the scope of the concept, even while it was being criticized.

By Barbara Harriss-White

Monday, June 3, 2013

Woodmere show focuses on contemporary art

Not so long ago, the Woodmere Art Museum's annual juried exhibition was ruled by landscape and figure paintings and evocative photographs of Manayunk and the Wissahickon. The show was also a sprawling, democratic affair that took up most of the museum. You couldn't help but think that the outside jurors hired by the museum threw up their hands at the sheer volume of submissions and opted to pack the galleries rather than parse the good from the mediocre.

Last year's 71st annual exhibition clearly reflected the preferences of its juror, figurative painter and PAFA professor Alex Kanevsky, who also pared it to 46 artists. There was representational work (including his own), but the show was anything but conventional.

This year's exhibition makes an even more obvious break with its past.

The works of the 52 artists in "In Front of Strangers, I Sing" were selected specifically to illustrate strains of contemporary art as currently practiced in Philadelphia. Morever, the two jurors, painters and Tyler School of Art professors Dona Nelson and Rubens Ghenov actively sought art of a conceptual bent, something new to the annual.

The show's point is made right away. Almost every work takes its medium in a new direction.

It opens, as Kanevsky's did, in the first gallery with works by its jurors. One, by Nelson, is a large abstract of purples and yellows on raw canvas inspired by a view of her Nebraska childhood home. (She paints on the fronts and backs of her paintings, intending the paint on the back to seep through.) Several others are by Ghenov, an Argentine transplant who makes mash-ups of geometric abstraction and '70s-seeming pop-culture images.

But some of their selected artists also are in this gallery. My eyes went to the back wall, covered by Frank Bramblett's Accomplished, 324 pieces of note paper in various Post-It colors arranged in a grid, each a daily to-do list of tasks that Bramblett wrote (and accomplished) between 2000 and 2013. Though I was not entirely surprised to discover it was his (I saw a smaller but similarly obsessive wall installation of his at Tiger Strikes Asteroid last June), I was unprepared for its vast scale, having only known his paintings on canvas before last summer.

A low, linear sculpture of welded steel rods by Timothy Belknap is positioned close to Bramblett's wall, heightening the quirkiness of both. Ryan McCartney's carved-wood chair, its seat a pedestal for carved-wood facsimiles of objects (feathers, eggs, a skull), occupies the room's center like a three-dimensional still life.

Works in the Woodmere's two-story rotunda gallery have less visual impact individually. That may be because the architecture affords a view of too many at once, but I noticed that a lot of the pieces share the same range of colors and shades (much gray). There's a missed opportunity for large sculpture in this room, too. A second piece by Belknap, entirely different from his riff on modernist sculpture (and, I assume, deliberately so) - a mechanized figure of an elderly man tapping his foot disapprovingly at regular intervals - is entertaining, but a really large floor sculpture or installation would have added drama to this vacuum of a space (and no, the grand piano that is, unfortunately, a fixture of this gallery, doesn't cut it).

As in any large show of this kind, a viewer's attention is engaged by art that uses color, texture, and form in a personal, idiosyncratic way; that pushes the limits of a medium to an extreme; or that plays with scale in an unexpected manner. On the walls, Nelson and Ghenov have put works together so they syncopate, a good antidote to the monotone color here. (Still, some of the blandest-colored pieces manage to pop out, such as Sarah Roche's drippy expressionistic oil painting of a roiling sky and ocean, Thunderstorm Seaside Park, which defies the anachronistic "seascape" label, and Matt Neff's digital print on aluminum, Untitled, which looks like the interior of a studio with minimalist paintings in it but is likely invented.)

Sometimes, a seemingly conventional painting sneaks in, but with a weird edge that separates it from the pack, as in Nathan Zeidman's 6:06, a painterly painting of a wall clock that has a kitschy painting of a sunset harbor scene inside it, and Catherine Mulligan's almost-photorealist oils of a liquor store and a Family Dollar store whose distressed surfaces make them look as if they were retrieved from a dumpster. Anne Canfield's oil painting of a sunlit building in a seemingly tropical locale, Good Is What Pleases, probably borrows its flatness from early Renaissance painting and surreal affect from De Chirico, but looks utterly of its own time, a dark J.G. Ballard vision-turned-fairy tale.

What the show lacks in heat - even an Anthony Campuzano work on paper, Live Show, has an uncharacteristically elegiac character - is compensated for by the inclusion of Mark Martinez's Minor Tilt with Signs, an unpainted, wall-mounted, wood structure that looks like part of a new house construction beneath which he's mounted colorful signs he has found on walks through his North Philly neighborhood and manipulated with colored tape.

Despite occasional shortcomings, this provocative show far outdoes its predecessors in every way. The Woodmere can never be the Whitney, but it's clear that it can continue a deeper excavation of this city's contemporary art scene in future annuals.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swiss Footballer expelled for Insulting Tweet

Swiss player Michel Morganella was expelled from the Olympics on Monday for tweeting a message that the Swiss team said "gravely insulted and violated" the dignity of South Korea once his team's 2-1 defeat daily earlier.

"As a member of the Swiss Olympic mission he gravely discriminated, insulted and violated the dignity of the South Korean soccer team and therefore the South Korean folks," Swiss team chief Gian Gilli told reporters.

The 23-year-old is that the second athlete to be expelled by their own team over a racist Twitter comment at the primary Games where social media are an integral a part of the athletes' daily lives.

Greek triple jumper Paraskevi Papachristou was thrown out of her nation's team last week, 2 days before the Games started for a racist comment concerning African immigrants in Greece.

In his message, with some syllables jumbled, that he was expelled, Morganella said on Monday morning: "I punch you, South Koreans, go burn..." the remainder of the message was thought-about sufficiently offensive by the Swiss team for Morganella to be sent home.

Gilli, who solely browse out an announcement in German and failed to take any queries, said Morganella's comments were in direct violation of the International Olympic Committee's and therefore the Swiss team's ethics codes.

He said Morganella, who has already left London, had been "provoked" on Twitter however his response was unacceptable.

"As a consequence of this behavior Michel Morganella, having conferred with the Swiss soccer Association, is straight away stripped of his Olympic accreditation and every one future participation within the Olympic tournament.

"The Swiss team can currently focus entirely on successive match. I would like the team inner peace and serenity," Gilli said.

Player apologizes

The player himself said he accepted the sanction and apologized.

"I created an enormous mistake once the disappointing result. I would like to apologize to the folks in South Korea and their team, however additionally to the Swiss delegation and Swiss soccer generally. I clearly settle for the implications for my actions."

The Swiss, third in cluster B, play Mexico in their next game on Aug. one that is additionally Switzerland's national day.

Gilli said he had additionally - unsuccessfully - tried to contact the Korean team.

"We would love to apologize, particularly to the South Korea National Olympic Committee and therefore the South Korea soccer Association for the behavior of the player," he said.

"We hope that he can draw the mandatory lessons for his still young soccer career," he said of Morganella.

Phelps chases history in farewell Olympics

Michael Phelps is chasing a lot of Olympic history in his next 2 events at the London Games. Winning medals within the 200-meter butterfly and a relay would let him get it exhausted an equivalent night.

Phelps goes into Tuesday night’s butterfly final with the fourth-fastest time in his signature race. He’ll attempt for the second time to become the primary male swimmer to win an equivalent individual event in 3 straight Olympics.

He failed within the four hundred individual medley, and Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima came up in need of an equivalent feat within the one hundred breaststroke.

Phelps already has the foremost gold medals percent fourteen percent and eclipsed Mark Spitz’s record with eight wins in Beijing four years ago. He may tie Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina’s record of eighteen career medals within the two hundred fly, and he would own the mark outright if the US reaches stage within the 4×200 free relay.

So far in his farewell Olympics, Phelps earned his initial career silver medal within the 4×100 free relay once finishing fourth in his initial event, the four hundred individual medley.

The 4×200 relay can provide Ryan Lochte an opportunity to induce back on target once 2 straight disappointments. He got passed swimming the anchor leg of the 4×100 free relay and then he finished fourth within the two hundred free on Monday.

“I did my best,” Lochte said. “I guess typically you win, typically you lose. I gave it one hundred ten p.c. There’s in all probability some things I tousled on, however you reside and learn.”

The two hundred free was won by Yannick Agnel of France during a follow-up to his winning anchor leg that beat Lochte an evening earlier. He led all the approach in beating a loaded field, though Phelps wasn’t in it once he determined to skip defending his Olympic title.

Agnel won in one minute, 43.14 seconds.

“I extremely didn’t expect that point,” he said.

“I had a race arrange in my head, however this is often on top of my expectations and hopes. I had to start out quickly over the primary one hundred meters. I did that. Then I worked on keeping my speed and putting all my guts into the last fifty.”

French President Francois Hollande congratulated Agnel, shaking his hand warmly within the noisy chaos of reporters and cameras once the race. The medal was the third swimming gold of the games for the country percent its most ever.

South Korea’s Park Tae-hwan and China’s Sun Yang tied for the silver in 1:44.93. Lochte and world recordholder Paul Biedermann of Germany were shut out of the medals.

The US dominated the backstroke events, with teenager Missy Franklin winning the women’s one hundred and teammates Matt Grevers and Nick Thoman going 1-2 within the men’s race.

Franklin includes a relay bronze and her initial individual gold, with 5 a lot of events to swim.

She had an incredibly busy night, advancing out of the two hundred free semifinals with the eighth-fastest time and then returning but fourteen minutes later to win the one hundred back.

“What reasonably highschool child will do that?” teammate Breeja Larson said.

“She is unbelievable. She is that the one that's aiming to lead us into the swimming world next.”

Phelps was suitably impressed with Franklin’s stamina, saying he had never done back-to-back races that shut along at such a significant meet. His quickest turnaround was a few half-hour.

“She’s a racer and she or he is aware of what to try to to,” he said.

Franklin won in fifty eight.33 seconds. Emily Seebohm of Australia took the silver in fifty eight.68 and Japan’s Aya Terakawa earned bronze in fifty eight.83.

Like Franklin, Grevers rallied on his closing lap to win the men’s one hundred back in an Olympic-record fifty two.16. The US men have won the event in each Olympics since the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Thoman took the silver in fifty two.97, and Japan’s Ryosuke Irie was third in fifty two.97.

Franklin wasn’t the sole teen queen within the pool.

Fifteen-year-old Ruta Meilutyte won the one hundred breaststroke to grant Lithuania its initial swimming gold medal. She won in 1:05.47, holding off 2008 silver medalist Rebecca Soni of the US, whose trademark late speed wasn’t enough now.

Soni fell eight-hundredths of a second short. Japan’s Satomi Suzuki took the bronze in 1:06.46.

Gagan Narang Opened Indias account in Olympics 2012

Gagan Narang on Monday opened India's account within the London Olympic Games by winning the bronze medal within the men's 10m air rifle event at the Royal Artillery Barracks.
Narang shot 103.1 during a ten-shot finals for an combination of 701.1 once scoring 598 within the qualifying spherical. Romania's Alin George Moldoveanu clinced the gold with 702.1, whereas Italy's Niccolo Campriani took the silver with 701.5.
However, Abhinav Bindra, India’s shooting gold medalist in 2008, did not create it past the qualifying event for the title he won in Beijing four years ago. He shot a spherical of 594 within the qualifiers, obtaining 3 nines within the sixth and final spherical that ruined his probabilities of qualifying. Meanwhile, Narang shot a spherical of 598 to succeed in the finals.

In the women’s individual archery event at Lord’s, India’s Bombayla Devi shot valiantly however crashed out within the spherical of sixteen. She won the spherical of thirty two 6-4 once 5 sets, however lost 6-2 within the pre-quarters to Mexico’s Aida Roman.
Bombayla missed the target altogether as she got a zero within the fourth set that turned out to be the decider. Though the Mexican archer did not perform that nice, it absolutely was Bombayla's inconsistency that price her the match. once hitting 5 10s in his initial spherical encounter, Bombayla may solely log ten on 2 occasion compared to four times by her opponent.
There was additional disappointment for India within the men’s singles event, where the 304-ranked Vishnu Vardhan lost 6-3, 6-2 to Slovenia’s Blaz Kavcic within the initial spherical.
In the boxing arena, Sumit Sangwan went down 14-15 beneath controversial circumstances to Brazilian Yamaguchi Falcao Florentino within the spherical of thirty two of 81kg class.
The 19-year-old fought valiantly and may have won a lot of points however the judges thought otherwise. Sangwan looked to possess taken the primary spherical however the judges call meant he was left trailing by one purpose. The Indian came out strongly within the second spherical and attacked with nice combination punches however surprisingly the bout was given in favour of the Brazilian 5-4.
At last there was some excellent news for India in tennis as Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna staved off stiff resistance from Max Mirnyi and Alexander Bury before advancing to the men's doubles pre-quarterfinals.
The seventh seed Indian pair, registered a hard-earned 7-6 (4), 6-7 (4), 8-6 win over the Belarusian combine in their initial spherical match, that lasted for 2 hours and twenty six minutes. they'll currently play French combine of Julien Benneteau and Richard Gasquet.
Meanwhile, the Indian men's hockey team place up a spirited performance in their gap match of the London Olympics 2012 against Netherlands, however the Dutch proved to be the higher team on the day, prevailing during a tense end to win the match 3-2.
India were clearly the second-best team on the park within the initial thirty five minutes once Robert van der Horst (20th min) and Roderick Weusthof (29th min) had place the Dutchmen ahead 2-0. the 2 groups went into the dugout with an equivalent scoreline at the half-time hooter. However, India came out within the second [*fr1] having sorted their midfield play and scored twice within the area of 3 minutes through Dharamvir Singh (45th min) and Shivender Singh (48th min) to draw level.
Playing in their initial match, Leander Paes and Vishnu Vardhan got their campaign off to a good begin by putting up a spirited performance to examine off Robin Haase and Jean-Julien Rojer 7-6 (1), 4-6, 6-2 within the initial spherical match.
In badminton, Saina Nehwal cruised into the knockout stage of the women's singles competition once notching up a cushty straight-game win over Belgium's Lianne Tan during a cluster stage match. the planet range 5 Indian failed to ought to exert herself and was in complete management of the match as she saw off the Belgium lady 21-4, 21-14 in barely twenty four minutes.
After that Indian combine of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa defeated Chinese Taipei's Wen Hsing Cheng and Yu Chin Chien 25-22, 16-21, 21-18 during a cluster B match and this win keep their hopes alive of constructing it to the knockout spherical.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Somdev Devvarman crashes out of mens singles

Somdev Devvarman did not offer cheers to the Indian camp at the London Olympics as he bowed out of the men's singles event with a straight-set defeat against Jarkko Nieminen, in London on Sunday.

Somdev, a wild card entrant, lost the rain-hit 1st spherical match 3-6 1-6 to his Finnish rival, who is ranked forty first within the world as against 418 of the Indian.

The total length of the match was seventy three minutes once rain interrupted it for a protracted spell when the Indian was down by a group and was trailing 0-1 within the second.

Somdev, who was enjoying his 1st competitive match in eight months once he underwent a shoulder surgery last November, committed twenty one unforced errors.

The gold medal winner at the 2010 CWG Games and also the Asian Games, dropped his serve twice within the gap set and converted the sole likelihood he got.

Nieminen held advantage by breaking Somdev twice within the second set as he took an unassailable 3-0 lead. Somdev showed some semblance of a fight as he broke back however it had been too late because the Finn once more broke the Indian's serve to shut out the match.

India have another player competing within the men's singles event with Vishnu Vardhan taking over Slovakia's Blaz Kavcic.

Vardhan created the draw once Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber withdrew dew to a hamstring injury.

India's medal hopes rest on the doubles combine of Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna, who can open their campaign tomorrow once their match was defer owing to rains these days.

Another Indian combine of Leander Paes and Vardhan are scheduled to play their 1st spherical match on Monday.

Olympics gap scores with viewers

Director Danny Boyle wove lavish musical tributes to the economic Revolution and also the U.K.'s National Health Service into the Olympic gap Ceremonies, which just about feels like a Monty Python sketch. Paul McCartney sang flat. Ryan Seacrest scan his queries off note cards.
And none of it mattered.

In TV terms, the Olympics are the best of high ideas -- a noble ideal concerning international fellowship, mixing sports, politics and also the inherent drama of coaching a whole life (to borrow from another marquee event) for one shining moment. Forall the second-guessing concerning the London Games -- together with the recurring issue of tape-delayed events for primetime within the U.S., or conversely, diluting NBC's efforts by promiscuously scattering thousands of coverage hours across NBCUniversal networks and also the internet -- the initial ratings were spectacular. Despite an uneven gap Ceremony with as several peculiar prospers as dazzling ones, over forty million individuals tuned in Friday, per Nielsen estimates, amassing an Oscar-sized audience on a network that averaged but a fifth as several for the 2011-12 TV season.

Yet that is conjointly why tries to bottle and preserve the magic -- as NBC is once more seeking to try to to -- virtually invariably fall flat.

NBC has opted to provide special promos for several of its new shows, using Olympic themes. whereas one will admire the creativity, the tip result encompasses a manner of obscuring instead of highlighting what these programs might need to supply.

Perhaps that is why the ad that the majority stood out Friday was really for successive James Bond movie, "Skyfall," that enjoyed the added bonus of getting star Daniel Craig create a grand entrance with the queen. observe high-class product placement.

Saturday's coverage of the primary full day of competition was predictably jingoistic. Indeed, one might simply have mistaken an introduction of the U.S. men's gymnastics team with a spot for "The Expendables 2" airing a couple of minutes later. And having Ryan Seacrest recap social-media responses to the Games would surely take the gold if pandering to younger demos becomes an Olympic event.

Still, preliminary results for Saturday looked sturdy, suggesting Friday was no fluke. NBC conjointly caught a possible break story-wise with swimmer Michael Phelps' fourth-place end, that ought to add zest and suspense to his quest to become the most-honored Olympic athlete ever.

An element of fatigue is nearly certain to set in by the second week, however by then, the set up is for everybody to own seen enough promos for "Go On," "Revolution" and "Chicago Fire" to last a lifetime.

Whatever the issues concerning diluting tune-in -- beginning with the gluttonous buffet of programming offered -- the Olympics endure, and small is probably going to stop London from being a rousing success by today's fragmented broadcast standards. As former NBCU chief Jeff Zucker observed throughout the last Summer Games in 2008, "The pipes still work" -- even though the plumbing seldom has to accommodate such a stream of viewers.

Once Phelps and company get out of the pool, though, it is a whole new ballgame, and what appears like a rush of momentum will quickly prove ephemeral.

Like a gold medalist, NBC are often forgiven for exulting within the moment. nonetheless if history's any guide, we'd all be wise to recollect the excellence between catching a wave vs. just creating a splash.

NBC gets Twitter backlash over Olympics

NBC on Sunday announced additional record audiences for its prime-time TV coverage of the London Olympics, as the Twitterverse erupted in complaints concerning the U.S. network's on-line streaming efforts and delays in broadcasting key competitions.

Contributions to the Twitter hashtags #NBCfail and #NBCsucks surged on Sunday, with several posters complaining concerning the standard of NBCUniversal's on-line platform, that promised to point out each sporting contest live for those unwilling to attend hours for the network's main primetime coverage of the day's events.

"you suck! i can not stream something as a result of your web site is broken. It even verified directtv account, simply to tease me. #NBCFail" scan a posting to #NBCfail on Sunday by Twitter user Beth Hodgson.

Others complained concerning the plethora of ads interrupting NBC's coverage across multiple broadcast and cable retailers, and commentary by a number of the NBC anchors.

"Finally got @nbcolympics live stream operating on-line solely to search out it choked with ads & streaming problems," Cindy Gallop said on Twitter.

NBC high sports executives were in London and will not be reached for investigate Sunday as a result of the time distinction with the us. however NBC Olympics producer Jim Bell took to Twitter to retort briefly to a number of the gripes too soon Sunday.

"Coverage on each web & cables a mixture of tape and live events. Yesterday nearly forty hours of live Oly sports on tv btw," Bell tweeted.


Despite the grumbling, NBC said on Sunday that a record twenty eight.7 million U.S. viewers watched its primetime coverage on Saturday's 1st day of competition, when in style swimmer Michael Phelps was shut out of the medals for the primary time in years.

NBC said Saturday's evening audience was two million over watched the primary day of competition throughout the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. a median twelve.3 million U.S. viewers watched the Olympics on tv on Saturday morning - a fifty six % increase over the Saturday daytime audience for Beijing in 2008, the network said.

NBCUniversal, that is majority owned by cable operator Comcast Corp, paid $1.18 billion for the U.S. rights to broadcast the London Games, and has won $1 billion in advertising for its Olympic broadcasts over successive 3 weeks.

It is designing an unprecedented five,500 hours of canopy across its cable and free-to-air retailers, and its web site - over double the hours dedicated to the Beijing Games.

NBC drew a record forty.7 million U.S. tv audience for Friday's gap ceremony from London, despite complaints that Americans had to attend for up to seven hours to observe the ceremony.

Those desperate to watch on-line should have an account with a cable tv or satellite supplier, or download an app from NBC. consistent with the Nielsen company, concerning ninety % of usa citizens subscribe to either cable or satellite services.

Not everybody was sad with NBC's efforts but.

"I'm watching heaps of live events on NBC's Olympics app. i do not perceive the #nbcfail nagging. Bonus: No commentary, simply game sound!" Twitter user Mtolander posted on Sunday.

Brad Adgate, media analyst for Horizon Media in big apple, told Reuters on Sunday: "Whatever NBC will they're going to receive criticism, particularly within the Social Media Olympics, you cannot please everybody. TV though remains the large ad revenue producer and that they paid one.18 billion greenbacks, therefore what does one expect?"

Adgate said the sturdy ratings for the London games were shocking, particularly for an Olympics outside the us.

"It's one issue to run previous Beijing, however quite another to be running previous Atlanta," Adgate said.

Saina Nehwal boost Indian spirits on Day two

The apprehension on Vijender Singh’s face as he entered the ExCel Arena was apparent. the whole Saturday, he heard news of 1 Indian loss once another. The men’s archery team, Jwala Gutta, Shiva Thapa… all were expected to try to to well, however everybody tasted defeat on Day one among the thirtieth Olympic Games here.

Vijender knew it had been up to him to salvage the day for the Indians. His loss would have dealt a devastating blow to India’s ambitions at the London Games. The pressure was on the Beijing Olympics bronze medallist, though he wouldn’t admit it. however the 26-year-old showed unimaginable grit fraught as he outwitted Kazakhstan’s Danabek Suzhanov 14-10 late on Saturday.

Vijender started tentatively however grew in confidence because the bout progressed. additional importantly, his win lifted the gloom over the Indian camp. Soon once returning to the Village once his bout, 18-year-old Thapa apparently wept inconsolably. His defeat had already sagged the morale of the opposite boxers, who are burdened with tremendous expectations. The defeats of shuttlers, weightlifters and archers any upset the mood among the Indian camp. Yes, P Kashyap and Soumyajit Ghosh brought some joy however the Indians were yearning for inspiration from somewhere.

Usually early to bed, the Indian contingent stayed awake until late, waiting to listen to the result from the boxing arena. The bout wasn't telecast live here in London, therefore the athletes turned to various sources for updates. Some were in constant bit with journalists covering the bout whereas a couple of kept inquiring with team officers gift at the stadium. Tech-savvy athletes followed it on social media.

For Vijender, it had been troublesome to stay centered. “It was a tricky day for us. however at events just like the Olympics, you're certain to have some unhealthy days. Let’s hope we have a tendency to relish higher days from tomorrow,” he said once his bout. a number of the Indian athletes broke into an impromptu celebration at the Village once hearing concerning Vijender’s win.

Vijender’s positive angle looks to own had a positive impact on the contingent. Sunday gave additional reasons to celebrate once medal contender Saina Nehwal began her campaign in a formidable fashion, breezing past Switzerland’s Sabrina Jaquet 21-9, 21-4 in her 1st match of the cluster stage. That was followed up by Jai Bhagwan manufacturing a dominating performance to storm into the pre-quarters of the light-weight (60kg) class. He defeated Andrique Allisop of Seychelles 18-8.

After a sombre gap day, the boxers and shuttlers have brought back the grins on the faces of the Indian contingent.

US gymnasts breeze through qualifying spherical

The Americans lived up to their billing as serious favorites for gold.

World champion Jordyn Wieber, however, did not.

While the Americans breezed through qualifying in women's gymnastics Sunday, throwing down a challenge to Russia, Romania and defending Olympic champion China within the method, Wieber can miss out on the all-around final once finishing behind Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas. Countries are restricted to 2 gymnasts within the all-around and event finals.

The Americans finished with 181.863 points, over eleven previous second-place Britain. That was even with Wieber, Douglas and Kyla Ross bouncing out of bounds on floor exercise, their last event. But Russia, the 2010 world champion and runner-up to the Americans last year, European champion Romania and China are still to come back.

The team final is Tuesday, and also the scoring starts from scratch.

The Americans have come back into the last 2 Olympics as world champions, solely to depart with a duller shade of medal than they most well-liked. however this team is stronger, high to bottom, than the 2004 and even 2008 squads, and have a swagger LeBron and his buddies would appreciate. They grasp they are sensible - their four-point victory over Russia ultimately year's worlds was the equivalent of 1 of these SEC routs of a non-conference foe - and that they do not a lot of worry concerning anyone else.

The setup worked in their favor, too, with the Americans beginning on vault, their strongest event.

All four of the Americans do Amanars, one among the toughest vaults within the world - a roundoff onto the takeoff board, back handspring onto the table and a couple of.5 twisting somersaults before landing. It's got a begin worth - the live of issue - of half-dozen.5, a whopping zero.7 higher than the vault most alternative gymnasts can do, and it provides the Americans a vast advantage once only 1 event.

Just how big? The Americans dropped a fifteen.8, a mark most alternative countries would kill to own as their high score.

It's not simply that the Americans have the Amanars, it's that they create them look very easy. Gabby Douglas' toes were therefore pointed within the air she seemed like a directional arrow whereas McKayla Maroney's legs were therefore straight you'll use them as a ruler. every yankee took a hop on their landing, however it had been a minor deduction and also the U.S. left the event with a score of forty seven.633.

They held their own on uneven bars due to Ross and Douglas. Ross, who missed last year's world championships as a result of she was too young, appears like a hummingbird as she flits between bars, seeming virtually weightless. Douglas, who has been dubbed "The Flying Squirrel" by national team coordinator Martha Karolyi as a result of her unharness moves, had the group oohing and aahing as she flipped herself therefore high higher than the bar, she might have modified one among the spotlights.

Her feet slammed into the mat on her dismount, and coach Liang Chow threw his arms up within the air before sprinting round the finish of the arena, pumping his fist.

Douglas scored a fifteen.333, and also the Americans were cruising.

But Wieber was already showing signs of hassle. The U.S. champion came in because the serious favorite for gold, having lost solely 2 all-around competitions since 2008 - each to U.S. teammates. however she lost to Douglas at the Olympic trials earlier this month, and wasn't her traditional rock-solid self Sunday.

She had a type break on a handstand on uneven bars, and a couple of wobbles after all beam. once Ross and Douglas each flew out of bounds on floor exercise, Wieber got manner an excessive amount of power on one among her tumbling passes and had to require a step back to steady herself. solely downside was, it had been out of bounds, and also the deduction all however ended any likelihood she had of staying within the high 2.